New module “Observers” for more transparent electoral management in the Republic of Moldova

The launching event took place on 30 June 2020 and brought together both online and in person representatives of the Central Election Commission of the Republic of Moldova (CEC), the Centre for Continuous Electoral Training, a representative of the Council of Europe and a team of Council of Europe consultants who developed the module “Observers” of the State Automation Informational System “Elections” (SAISE).

The aim of the meeting was to show and explain in detail all the functionalities and capabilities of the new application, to answer questions and decide on its use. It showed how the new module can enable the CEC and all level electoral management bodies (EMBs) to fully handle the registration process of the observers for any type of election, monitor an access of the observers to polling stations, generate and print legitimations for authorised observers, collect and process on-line intimations/objections from observers concerning activities and acts of the precinct electoral bureaus on the eve and the polling day, gather statistics and process the report in real time, etc.

Previously all these activities were for the most part being processed manually by the CEC and other electoral management bodies (EMBs) which was very time consuming. Another benefit from the use of the new module is that all accredited observers will be able to watch online the processing of their objections by the EMBs.

The module was virtually tested, and the relevant training done for the dedicated electoral staff of the CEC.

Participants highly welcomed this IT product and suggested putting it to use for the upcoming local electoral campaign for the Mayor’s office in two localities on 6 September 2020 as well as the upcoming Presidential elections in the Republic of Moldova on 1 November 2020.

It is worth mentioning that the module was developed despite the number of the COVID-19 related quarantine measures imposed in the Republic of Moldova in March – May 2020.

The activity is funded and implemented by the Council of Europe within the on-going project “Improving electoral practice in the Republic of Moldova”.


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